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8 december 2021

Vertrek naar Antartica!

The Antarctic Ice Marathon (TM) is run over the classic 42.195km (26.2 miles) marathon distance. The race encompasses an individual competition, with male and female divisions. There is also an option to run a half marathon – the Frozen Continent Half Marathon – which commences at the same time as the marathon.

There were 376 members of the 7 CONTINENTS MARATHON CLUB (TM) on May 1st 2020, comprising 281 men and 95 women. The Club is unique, reserved for athletes who have run a marathon within the Antarctic Circle on the Antarctica continent, as well as on the other six continents. See The 7 Continents Marathon Club Rules & Definitions. Membership is not conditional on paying a membership fee and it is the definitive and official list of people who have completed marathons on all 7 continents.

Bas already finished six continental marathons: Amsterdam/NL, New York/US, Big Five Marathon/SA, Great Wall/China, Uluru/Australia & Rio de Janeiro/Brasil). Follow him on instagram towards Antartica.