Downloads en Tools voor de praktijk


As a management scientist and leadership coach, Bas created various business models that he uses in his presentations, books and coaching. These tools are frequently requested by HR officers, entrepreneurs, executives, recruiters, coaches and teachers. You will find it below with a small explanation. These quotes are free to use.

Model for Personal Development

Look for a higher purpose: your own Purpose. The art of sustainable performance lies in the unconscious skillful realization of your highest goals – your main unfinished tasks – by systematically deploying today’s most important performance criteria and personal characteristics for sustainable performance. The following applies: (some) talent is good, (the right) character is everything!



Model for Organizational Development

Leadership and management are two different things, as the former is more about Involvement whereas the latter is more about Efficiency, though it is important to note

both are needed. Start with P3: Develop a goal (Purpose), recruit the best people (People) and maintain the right standards and values (Principles). Use the feminine style of leadership to stimulate employee engagement. Create HEROES in your organization!

Model for Recruitment & Selection

According to our research, talent is good, but the right character is everything. Our own research (2014-2016) shows that self-efficacy, adaptability, intrinsic motivation and intelligence are the most crucial personal characteristics for sustainable performance. With the help of structured interviews, the STAR(R) method and an intelligence test, these important personal characteristics can be clearly understood.

Model for Professional Development

If there is one thing that is becoming more and more clear, then it is the fact that you can actually achieve anything through dedication and work motivation. Look for your talents, your strengths, ensure the right fit with the organization (particularly with the manager) and develop the most important personal characteristics. Self-efficacy and adaptability make the difference.