Out-of-class readings


Bas’s lectures and masterclasses are visited and evaluated by many thousands of participants every year and are rated with an average of 9+.

Evaluations of participants:

  • “Out of category.”
  • “Great reading and experience. Frankly, I expected to get a more theoretical story. Excellent life lessons.”
  • Quality of reading is excellent. Bas knows how to handle a subject in such a way that he has everyone’s full attention.’
  • “His own experiences and his own energy to share knowledge are great.”
  • “Very interesting and new concepts, which I can also apply in my daily activities tomorrow.”
  • “It really appealed to me. It is a subject (passion – pleasure – enthusiasm) that has occupied my mind for some time now. It’s cool to see you substantiate this from science.’
  • ‘Very instructive with the necessary eye-openers for me.’
  • “The perfect balance between theory, practice and assignments.”
  • “It is such a lecture that changes the way you look at life and how you think about it.”
  • “The different concepts, insights and definitions – together with the examples from everyday life – really broadened my horizons.”
  • “Thank you again so much for your dedication, boundless energy and support, which have certainly steered me in a different direction.”
  • ‘I really like that you stick to theory, facts and science, but let the human and your own experience come back in balance.’
  • “Beautiful and relatable story. Really very well presented and received excellent tools to be able to apply immediately in practice (also already done).’
  • “What a cool session and what a wealth of information!”
  • “Very professional speaker.”
  • “I don’t give A’s 🙂 but this was fantastic both in terms of content and presentation.”
  • ‘A very inspiring and good session. Time flew by, I could hardly co-write fast enough and I was sorry when it was 7:30 because I would have liked to hear more.’
  • “Edge of my seat.”
  • ‘For me the most inspiring masterclass so far. Very pragmatic and directly applicable. Thank you for your extra time at the end of the masterclass. This is why I chose this series!”
  • “Surpassed!”
  • “This is why I chose this series!”
  • “Great and inspiring speaker, really put me on the wrong foot a few times (in the right way).. super nice!”
  • ‘Really amazing. Lively and humorous.”
  • “This was the most interesting of the series so far.”
  • “I think that if this contribution had lasted 8 hours, I would have listened with full attention.”
  • “What I notice in myself is that I want more when it was over.”
  • “I’d like a follow-up.”
  • “Final verdict: Unique achievement.”

  • ‘Heaps of tips to put into practice right away! Both about getting in and out and the importance of being on time, to be lenient you first have to be strict, etc. I’ll let it all sink in for a while and then read everything back because I want to take this with me in the rest of my career .’
  • ‘Bas Kodden’s contribution could have lasted a day in terms of content, which allowed for more interaction.’
  • “Super inspiring. And often practically applicable.’
  • “Really great!”
  • “I really enjoyed it.”
  • “Almost a pity that he only comes to speak once!”
  • ‘Highly energetic and stimulating lecture where many insights were touched upon’
  • ‘Many practical examples and experience, directly applicable, well explained, energetic, laughter, time shortage, edge of my seat, a lot, passion for the profession radiates from it.’
  • “What a cool session and what a wealth of information!”
  • “A very inspiring and good session.”
  • ‘The time flew! I could hardly write fast enough and I was sorry when it was half past eight because I would have liked to hear more.
  • “It was crazy! Energetic, inspiring, innovative. Can listen to him with interest for hours.”
  • “Knows very well how to hold the attention with a fascinating and confrontational story.”
  • “Edge of my seat”
  • ‘For me the most inspiring masterclass so far.’
  • “Very pragmatic and directly applicable.”
  • “Incredibly bright and refreshing. Had the most so far. Very applicable to daily practice. Concrete examples and new insights, thank you for that!’


Client evaluations

  • “Top speech. Received a lot of positive feedback from the participants. Thanks for that.’
  • “The organizers of the program are extremely enthusiastic about the content of your contribution.”
  • “The structure and connection to the question & context (the customized experience) were appreciated very positively.”
  • ‘The participants were greatly inspired by your story on the theme of Engagement (this was the goal).’
  • “Especially at this time, your contribution has proven to be super relevant for the participants.”
  • ‘They (managers) think the best thing is that they now have a concrete handle (there was a latent need for this).’
  • “Overall, everyone is super enthusiastic and getting started with your ideas!.”
  • ‘Calm, humor, relevant recognizable subjects, good combination between theory and direct application (nice and concrete).’
  • ‘It has been a fantastic conference, thanks in part to your contribution! Heard a lot of positive stories.”
  • “Thank you very much for a passionate session. Had great feedback and people are already very enthusiastic about your book. Mission accomplished.’
  • “We look back on a fantastic afternoon. It was amazing. We are already thinking about the next Energizer, the bar is high….”
  • “This will be talked about for a long time. I know that for sure.’
  • “Thank you so much for your inspiring contribution and commitment. We are still shaking from it.”
  • “A great seminar!”