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Bas gives top class lectures on themes such as personal, team and organisational leadership, Recruitment & Selection 3.0, leading innovation and the importance of engagement.

Average evaluation: 9+

Lezingen: Bas Kodden als spreker

Bas verzorgt lezingen op nationale en internationale congressen, incompany sessies en workshops. Thema’s hierbij zijn persoonlijk, team- en organisatieleiderschap, Werving & Selectie 3.0, HR & Talentmanagement, leidinggeven aan innovatie en het belang van bevlogenheid voor duurzaam presterende organisaties. Zijn publiek is zeer divers en de lezingen vinden plaats op de meest uiteenlopende locaties; van kennisfestivals en musea tot directiekamers en studio’s.

Suggesties voor lezingen:

  • Een inspirerende, interactieve lezing voor relaties en medewerkers;
  • De kick-off van een groot verandertraject;
  • Een seminar op maat voor het interne leiderschapsprogramma;
  • Een volledig interne leiderschapsprogramma van 3 tot 4 dagdelen.

De lezingen van Bas zijn altijd op maat, vol humor, praktisch, persoonlijk en energiek. Vind hieronder een korte beschrijving van de verschillende lezingen die Bas verzorgt.

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Passionate leadership

Book: Become a HERO (2014) #1 bestseller, all categories

Do you sometimes feel that you have not yet achieved everything from yourself, your team or your organisation? That so much more is possible? That you just need that one bridge to move forward? You are not alone: about 80% of all Dutch employees currently experience insufficient happiness and challenge in their work! Through his books, lectures and seminars, Bas reaches many thousands of managers and professionals every year, who are full of inspiration and energy and know how to bring themselves and their organisations to a renewed state of flow and enthusiasm.

Also take action. As an organisation, as a team, as a person!

HR & Leadership

Book: The Art of Sustainable Performance (2017) #1 bestseller, category HR & Talent Management

Why does one organization remain successful, while others break up and disappear? Why does that one person manage to repeat his success, when no one actually expected it?

Forget everything you thought you knew about selecting and hiring the right employees. It’s different than you think! The secret of winning individuals and teams lies in the combination of talent and four key performance characteristics, which – strangely enough – many organizations do not select for…

Team Leadership

Book: Leadership is Parenting Upside Down (2018) #1 bestseller, category ebooks

Leadership is a contradiction in terms. A paradox, where our behavior is driven by our primary motivations. Most executives lead when they should not do it, and do not lead when they should. Dealing with our motives and that paradox requires a great deal of experience and skill for leaders in addition to self-knowledge.

Most executives step in when they need to get out and step out when they need to get in. Discover the highest form of leadership: Learn to lead!

Psychology & Leadership

Book: The Devil Inside (2020) #1 bestseller, Personal Leadership category

If there is one thing that Bas has learned from his years of experience as a supervisor of top coaches, Olympic and world champions, then it is the importance of mindset change. How does one grow as a person and as a professional in times of uncertainty? Knowing how and when to make choices that often seem paradoxical?

‘The Devil Inside’ is about breaking through your own blockages. The more you can silence that inner voice – your devil inside – the more you are able to grow and the more others recognize your leadership.

Organization Transformation

Book: Out of Control (2021) Inaugural lecture

Research shows that effective leaders encourage rebellious (nonconformist) behavior in favor of the organization. Think of contradiction, originality, experimentation, innovation and improvisation. It is precisely by decoupling control from hierarchy and rules, and handing over control to professionals, that organizations become ‘in-control’ again.

But how do you do that? How do you successfully involve fellow managers in this movement? And meet the world famous Nick Vujicic!

Excellent Leadership

Book: The 7 Lessons of Excellent Leadership (2023) To be published Spring 2023

Getting Things Done! Leadership is a contradiction in terms. A paradox, where our behavior is driven by our primary motivations. Most executives lead when they should not do it, and do not lead when they should.

Optimize self-efficacy and problem-solving ability in your team and organization and really get things done. An effective manager knows how to achieve more than 30% more results!

Executive Board/SB leadership

Book: Miscellaneous

What does leading and supervising boards and directors mean? There is a great need for insight into what determines the choices you have to make for you as a director. Which aspects determine your leadership? And how do you translate that into your administrative context and add something to it based on your own individuality? When do you step in as a driver? When do you get off?

Dealing with their own dilemmas and those of others requires board members to not only have a great deal of self-knowledge, but also experience and skill.

The Management Development Pathway

Book: All Books Various #1 bestsellers

Many organizations preceded you and were praised afterwards.

Reviews include: “Groundbreaking.” “Unlike anything else we’ve ever had.” “We needed this.” “Our results are already skyrocketing.” “Our direction is now really set”.

In 3 to 4 half-days (or 2 days), your managers will be prepared for the future, full of energy and inspiration to perform together. “An unprecedented journey in leadership land.”


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