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18 February 2013



Research shows that 88 percent of employees are not enthusiastic about their work. This is a huge waste of talent and energy. In his book Be a HERO, teacher and researcher Bas Kodden presents a step-by-step plan towards a more enthusiastic approach to work, all on the basis of practically applicable management theories, personal experience and meetings with highly-skilled (sports) legends.

‘A must-read for students, teachers, professors, coaches and people involved in HRM’ –

This book helps you become a HELD: Highly Energetic Responsible Operator. A HELD – literally a HERO in Dutch – is enthusiastic, motivated and knows where his talents lie. A HELD has more fun at work, will get better performance and has an increased chance of success.

‘This book is one of the most inspiring books about how we can use devotion, knowledge and creativity to achieve exceptional performance. Bas’ description of his heroes makes you want to apply their insights and opinions in your own life. This book awakens the hero in us all!’

– Prof. Jeff B.R. Gaspersz, Professor at Nyenrode Business University.

Be a HERO’ is written for anyone looking for new energy, passion and enthusiasm and managers who want to grow their organization on the basis of a positive flow.

‘Truly inspiring!’ –

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The first edition was published on 14 July 2017.