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Coaching for executives

As a leadership coach, Bas Kodden helps top business people perform better. Former Olympic and world champions, top coaches and CEOs have already appreciated his vision on leadership. A vision based on more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and 15 years of scientific studies. A vision, too, which is supported by various bestsellers and other publications and is recommended by the world’s leading coaches and management thinkers such as Marshall Goldsmith.

Every year, Bas Kodden offers a personal leadership program for 5 to 7 managers. For half a year, coachees are guided in individual sessions on personal and business issues. Motivations, backgrounds and dilemmas are examined, as well as the proper and effective handling of (daily) confrontations and the building up of skills and competencies that are required for this.

His books are an instrument to arrive at a complete personal leadership plan that can serve as a basis for introspective action and well-considered decision-making during the rest of the career.


The investment for this program is € 5,000, excluding VAT. Four to six individual sessions, various books, personality tests and tools are included. Invoicing takes place in advance and can be paid in installments if necessary.


The sessions usually take place at an inspiring location in the center of the country. During, but also after the program, there are many contact options for personal and business dilemmas.

To register

You can register for a personal leadership program via the registration form on this page or call 0031 30 2611061 for an introductory meeting.

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