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1 February 2018

AmCham – The Art of Sustainable Performance

Why does one organization remain successful while others are falling apart or just disappear? Why is one person successful over and over again, while no one expected him or her to be? Please forget everything you think you know about recruiting and selecting the right employees. Because it really is quite different than you think it is! The secret of winning persons and teams lies in the combination of talent and four important performance indicators, on which – strangely enough – many organizations just do not select their employees … Bas Kodden studied performance indicators among executives and senior staff of over 1,100 professionals and 50 CEO’s of the Dutch best known companies. His surprising findings put the present recruitment and selection procedures of many Dutch companies in a new perspective. And the book is not only about the theory: it also offers a useful model for recruitment and selection and professional development. Including various questionnaires and checklists for hr-professionals and executives who want to build sustainable winning teams and organizations.

The Investors’ Agenda of Priority Points is AmCham’s program to increase entrepreneurial activity and foreign investment in the Netherlands. They are the key to an ongoing dialogue with government, employer organizations, legislators and others. The issues raised have been distilled from concerns expressed by our members – business leaders and practitioners who are daily faced with investment challenges. The solutions proposed are born out of maximizing the economic benefit to business and society as a whole – more investment, more labor participation and enhancement of productive capacity.

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